Customized formulations for PU raw materials

Polyurethanes, also known as PUR or PU, are plastics made from polyurethane. PU raw materials are a versatile material and are used for the production of casting resins, adhesives, paints and floor coatings, among other things.

Before the actual manufacturing process begins, the exact specifications for the desired product must be determined.

We see ourselves as a reliable service provider and development partner. If you cannot find the right material in our range, we can offer you customized development services and individual formulations. We will provide you with application technology advice that is specially tailored to your project.

  • Synthetic polyols for the formulation of cast resins and coatings
  • Castor oil-based polyester polyols for the production of plastics
  • Aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates as hardeners for cast resins and varishes
  • Zeolites as drying agents for resins and varnishes in form of powders and pastes
  • Auxiliaries and additives such as catalysts and retarders