Screw lock varnish

Our ISO-RC® Screw Lock Varnish 3000 is a solvent-based, quick-drying one-component lacquer that has been specially developed for securing and to seal screw connections.

It can be used on almost all substrates and offers excellent adhesion.

Another aspect in this context is protection against tampering. In this case, it is also referred to as sealing lacquer. In addition, different colors make it easier to document and track markings or maintenance processes.

By breaking the colored edge on the screw connection, it is easy to determine whether a screw connection has come loose or has been tampered.

ISO-RC® screw lock varnish 3000 is available in different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, white, black and transparent. Other colors, viscosities, effect pigments or UV indicators are available on request. The lacquer is available in resealable tubes of 18 g and 54 g. Filling in cans or plastic bottles is possible on request.

If you want to reliably secure and seal screw connections, our ISO-RC® screw lock varnish 3000 is an excellent choice! 


Product overview - screw lock varnish

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