Cast resin cable boxes

We, ISO-ELEKTRA, are one of the leading manufacturers of cast resin cable boxes and have been producing in Germany since 1906.

We offer both symmetrical cast resin cable boxes for use as branch and connection box and asymmetrical branch boxes for use with clamping rings. Both types of sockets consist of a two-part, transparent polycarbonate housing. The branch runs parallel to the straight-through cable within the cable fitting to save space.

Simple installation is guaranteed by plug-in hinge technology and pre-punched foam seals with break-out rings that can be adjusted without tools.

The cable boxes are ultimately protected electrically and mechanically by the resin. One of our four ecologically optimized casting compounds can be selected for potting. Detailed product information can be found under the menu item certified casting resins.

Our casting compounds can be supplied in cans or double-chamber bags. The double-chamber bags offer an optimized mixture of the compound from a work hygiene point of view, without coming into contact with components. On request, the sets can be supplied as a complete set with the appropriate clamps and other accessories. Further information can be found under fittings.

  • Symmetrical
  • Slim shape
  • Single clamps or connectors
  • Simple assembly thanks to hinge technology and pre-punched foam
  • Asymmetrical
  • Bulbous shape
  • Optionally with clamping ring
  • Simple assembly thanks to hinge technology and pre-punched foam seals
  • Reactive 2c polyurethane resins
  • Reactive 2c liquid rubbers, non-labelled
  • Thermoplastic bitumen casting compound
  • Seals
  • Various gloves and cleaning cloths
  • Compact clamping rings, cable clamps and compression connectors (optional)
  • Solderless earthing set (optional)