Lohnfertigung & Lohnabfüllung

Toll manufactring & filling

Lohnfertigung, Dissolver, Doppelkammerbeutel, Abfüllung, Abstreifer, Kneter, Epoxidharz, Planetmischer, Polyurethan

Toll manufacturing on the 1.5 ton dissolver

In the area of cast resins and raw materials, we offer toll manufacturing and filling. We produce liquid and paste-like products based on your formulation and specifications, for example polyurethane, epoxy resin and silicone.

The raw materials can either be provided by you or the sourcing is handed over to us as a qualified raw material manufacturer and trader. Our production facility in Elze (Germany) is DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certified.

Every product batch, whether 1kg special production or 24 tons, passes our strict quality control. If required, special test procedures can be applied in addition to standard measurements.

Thanks to our manual filling process, you can choose from a wide range of packaging options:

  • cans or double chamber bags
  • IBCs, drums, hobbocks or buckets
  • special combinations or packaging also possible on request

For labelling, labels specified by you or transfer film labels printed by us can be used.

We are also at your disposal as experts for low-volume products that you would like to either up-scale or outsource.

Take advantage of our flexibility and experience as a long-standing contract manufacturer – get in touch with our sales department!

Sales / CEO

Dr. Jan Schulenburg

phone: +49 5068 925-12

mobile: +49 162 2079706

e-mail: joschulenburg@iso-elektra.de