Processing Of Cast-Resins based on Polyurethanes

Dynamischer Mischer zum automatisierten Verguss

Many technical applications in different branches of industry require protection against environmental influences, electrical or mechanical interference, and manipulation.
In many cases this protection can be achieved by the use of cast resins. ISO-ELEKTRA is manufacturing potting compounds with a wide range of properties. Most of the cast resins produced by ISO-ELEKTRA are based on polyurethanes or polyurethane-epoxy combinated systems. The properties of these systems can be adjusted over a very wide region. Therefore an optimal customisation with regard to the customers task is possible. In the following, a short overview on the chemical background of polyurethanes will be given. Subsequently possible potting errors and measures for their prevention will be discussed on the basis of practical examples.

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by Michael Müller, Oliver Bartels and Michael Piepho

Indispensable – sealing compounds for sealing electrical and mechanical components

Baukastensystem der Standardprodukte von ISO-Elektra

Sealing compounds are more and more used to protect electrical components against mechanical or chemical disturbance, manipulation and for personal protection.They are registered at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt for use in explosive areas, by UL for fire retardance, and certified by VDE for high voltage applications

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by Michael Piepho