Archive 2008

ISO-PUR K 764 with new recipe

ISO-PUR K 764 is cold-curing, 2-components polyurethane cast resin. The material was equipped with special additives, that yield a strong thixotropic effect almost instantly after the mixing of resin and hardener. The force of this thixotropic effect can be adjusted according to customers demands. Therefore adjustments from thixotropic to capable of flowing are possible. In …

ISO-PREPREG 781 and 710 fibre-reinforced resin system

A huge number of reparings (e.g. wind-energy rotor blades or steel- and concrete-tower refurbishment) require resin cast or glue to be reinforced by armouring fabrics. Quite often the production of these laminates fails due to under- or overdosing the resin component or unsufficient saturation of the fibre fabrics. In order to provide an easy-to-use and …

Ready Joint – Ready to use Cablebox



  • Ready to use
  • The filling compound is already filled into the mould
  • Cable clamps are integrated
  • Additional fixing points for overhead mounting
  • For conductors up to 2,5 mm²
  • Designed to be used by everybody


…and ready!