ISO-PUR K 764 with new recipe

ISO-PUR K 764 is cold-curing, 2-components polyurethane cast resin. The material was equipped with special additives, that yield a strong thixotropic effect almost instantly after the mixing of resin and hardener. The force of this thixotropic effect can be adjusted according to customers demands. Therefore adjustments from thixotropic to capable of flowing are possible.

In the highly thixotropic standard adjustment, the material is particularly suitable putty for sealing and for corrosion protection of various components (e.g. sealing of pipes, lead-troughs for cables, pipes and walls) even in difficult positions (e.g. upside down or vertical). The repair of cuts in PVC films is also possible.

The mixed resin remains processable/spreadable for approximately 15 minutes after the start of the mixing process and cures afterwards easy to a mechanically and chemically resistant and tough plastic. The shrinkage of the material during the curing is minimal. The adhesion to many different surfaces is excellent.

Standard delivery is in double chamber bags, that are suited ideally for the necessary kneading procedure while mixing both components. This guarantees also an easy an clean management for the user since no contact with the material is possible while the mixing process is in progress. After the mixing is finished, the bag has to be opened by cutting and then the paste can be pressed and levelled to the desired position. Cured leftovers of the material that remain within the kneading bag can be disposed as household garbage.