ISO-PREPREG 781 and 710 fibre-reinforced resin system

A huge number of reparings (e.g. wind-energy rotor blades or steel- and concrete-tower refurbishment) require resin cast or glue to be reinforced by armouring fabrics. Quite often the production of these laminates fails due to under- or overdosing the resin component or unsufficient saturation of the fibre fabrics.


In order to provide an easy-to-use and yet highly reliable resin cast laminate that offers as well the correct mixing-ratio as the projected chracteristics of the product, ISO-ELEKTRA, in close collaboration with the users, has developed the systems

ISO – PREPREG 781 (ductile-hard) and

ISO – PREPREG 710 (ductile-soft)

that facilitate mixing the resin cast and saturation of the fibre fabric at the same time.


Advantages of this completely new workmode:

  • Construction site situation manufactured laminates obtain reproducible characteristics
  • Optimum ratio of cast resin and fibre fabric
  • Fabric and cast resin can be pounded in the dispersing bag resulting in highest fabric sturation
  • Equal-zero dermal-contact to resin through ideal working condition packaging
Example of use
Example of use: Dormer restoration

Optional mixture ratio and potlife or processing time can be adjusted to customers´ needs and accessories such as paint-brushes or -rollers can be shipped along with the product.