ISO House Connection HS 400: An alternative to technically extensive sealing methods

The product line House Connection HS 400 is an easy to apply, cost-efficient and safe system developed to seal wall breaks gas- and high-pressure waterproof

Mit nur wenigen Einzelkomponenten stellt das Hauseinführungssystem HS 400 eine kostengünstige Alternative zu den heute meist aufwendig gestalteten Abdichtsystemen dar. Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind: Zwei auf den Bohrlochdurchmesser abgestimmte Schaumstoff-ronden, eine entsprechende Menge Expansionsharz im Mischbeutel mit Schlauchstück, Handschuhe und Schmirgelstreifen.

This newly-developed expanding resin guarantees a safe seal of your cable or tube lead-throughs.
The simple but ingenious concept of HS 400 offers the opportunity to seal wall breaks gas- and high-pressure water resistant – within minutes.

HS 400 expanding resin is a specially designed resin that will expand to the fivefold of the original volume after mixing the two components

Cracking fissuration and the resulting reworks that often occur with traditional sealing methods, such as cemetation of tubular cable protection, will not happen using HS 400.

Only a few steps will lead even untrained users to safe sealings of wall breaks!

The HS 400 system is available for the following drilling whole diameters:

∅ = 75 mm, ∅ = 100 mm, ∅ = 125 mm an ∅ = 150 mm

Specially pre-cut foam circular blanks enable you to seal several cable- or tube diameters.

After very few steps of mounting the lead-through will be finished and can be stressed mechanically after only 30 minutes.

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