ISO-CAST A 765 MI: 2-component-mixing system of Epoxyde and Polyurethane

Metering ISO-CAST A 765 MI using a mastic gun

Another new product by ISO-ELEKTRA is the  2-component-cast resin
ISO-CAST A 765 MI, a mixing system of epoxyde und polyurethane.

It is a paste-like product that comes in a 2-component cardridge with a static mixing pipe. Additionally accessories such as apt 2-component-handguns and mixing-pipes can be ordered.

This electrical insolation compound is not classified according to German and EC regulations and fulfils flammability rating UL94V-0

The main field of use is the securing of mechanically stressed electrical components on circuit boards.

ISO-CAST A 765 MI provides a good adhesion on circuit boards, diverse synthetic materials, ceramics and even copper.

Temperature cycling tests return good results as well due to the products´ elasticity.

Please refer to product and safetydatasheets that are available below for further information.